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Delivering a superior path-to-purchase experience




    Engage each person in new and fun ways, including gamification and contests, to improve the overall shopping and purchase experience


    Provide an innovative, compliant payment process for curbside pickup, at delivery, online, or in-store purchases.


    Use AI to better know your consumer and provide personalized experiences, campaigns and rewards to seamlessly increase loyalty


    A hyperlocal app to make it easy for consumers to know your products and buy from you locally

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WARPSPD Solutions


Make shopping fun again

WARPSPD's consumer engagement solutions empower companies to connect with their customers and expand their reach using a modern voice, and convert browsing consumers into paying customers through fun, interactive, and enhanced experiences, including:

  • Increase walk-ins and sales with our Gamification capabilities
  • Create urgency and increase offer redemption rate with Deal of the Day incentives
  • Incentivize purchases and collect validated consumer data via Contests
  • Receive real-time customer comments using our mobile Feedback experience
  • Eliminate physical lines by sending customers a text when their turn is up in line using our Virtual Queues solution


Bring back repeat customers

WARPSPD's AI powered customer retargeting tools and loyalty program use behavioral insights, artificial intelligence algorithms, and consumer interaction data to recommend highly personalized products and promotions that drive repeat purchases. You can effectively put your customer data to work and drive conversion and retention while expanding your base.

  • Send targeted and personalized messaging via email, text, social
  • Schedule and easily execute store level promotions
  • Deliver the right-sized rewards tiers to more loyal consumers
  • Use self-service analytics tools to determine what is working and what is not

Distance Pay

Leverage the moment of purchase

Accept payments whereever you sell:

  • Curbside
  • At-Delivery
  • Prepay
  • Ecommerce
  • In-Store
  • Use distance payment technology with in-built AI-based, real time and industry specific compliance
  • Use branded mobile experience to enable your customers to complete purchases on their own phones easily and quickly whereever they are


Connect with your customers wherever they are

WARPSPD's hyperlocal mobile app has geo-fencing capability with access to in-store product inventory and deals. Customers can easily find and purchase available products when and where they want.

  • Use real-time channel to reach and engage consumers
  • Improve brand visibility with a powerful mobile, social and local platform
  • Promote your offers to prospective customers on the spot and allow them to earn loyalty points for store visits, purchases, writing reviews and sharing with friends
  • Have complete control over products listings, offers, promotions, customer engagement and branding

About Us

WARPSPD was founded in 2019 and is led by a team of retail, e-commerce and technology veterans. Driven by the latest leading-edge technology, our cloud native digital solutions, powered by latest developments in Mobile and AI, help retailers across the globe stay competitive and increase revenues in today's dynamically changing retail landscape. We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area and Noida, India.


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    Constellations Group

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  • Matt Stang

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